What is E2EPLs website?

We provide a simpler way to search and discover new EPLs imported by fellow Earth2 players voluntarily. We also provide an easier way to display all your EPLs by username.

What is an EPL or Earth2® Property Locator?

The Earth2® Property Locator (EPL) is a unique global identifier Player’s can upgrade on their property. It provides a similar function as a URL to a website yet for now, in it’s initial release, is universal and more simplified. The EPL allows users to overwrite the standard cryptic identifier with a more user friendly and discoverable word or phrase. These words or phrases are unique and therefore limited and being universal will have limited availability. Moving forward, EPLs will be an integral part of the Earth 2® platform, be key in connectivity and will even have their own dedicated premium Earth 1 portal.

Source - https://earth2.io/how-to

What we do with the data you import?

We are going to save each EPL in association with your E2 username. We do not scrape Earth2 website at the moment. We would rather wait for official APIs with secure tokens if we decide to acquire more data. We want to keep it simple for now.